The Designer.

Théodora Blumkine is a child of Paris.

Growing up, she discovered the art of meandering between the Rykiel boutique on rue Saint Honoré, the stylish ladies of rue Royale, the creativity of the Left Bank and the workshops at the Ateliers du Louvre…
After studying science while she filled her notebooks with sketches, she followed her passion at the Atelier de Sèvres in Paris to learn the fundamentals and techniques of design.

Théodora then concentrated on fashion at LISAA where she graduated in 2008. With new possibilities on the horizon, she became especially interested in graphic design and fashion.

Her internships with Andrea Crews and Celestina Agostino showed her a new approach to fashion design. Custom pieces for private clients at prestigious events, costume design for film and music projects and illustration assignments enhanced her toolkit and revealed this designer’s deeply personal aesthetic.

In 2010, Theodora Blumkine joined Anne Valerie Hash's studio as the designer's assistant. Steeped in the company’s style, she became the head of the studio in two short years. During her time there, she developed her eye through the collections as well as her personal experience: mastering the craft and her imagination at the service of design.

Filled with knowledge and determination, she fulfilled her desire to launch her own fashion company in 2015.